As preparation continues for the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National near Paris, every detail matters. Factors like effective water management are critical for creating championship-quality conditions. That’s why the course installed a completely new drainage and irrigation system using Toro® products.

Located 24 kilometers from Paris, Le Golf National consists of three courses: L’Albatros (Albatross), L’Aigle (Eagle) and L’Oiselet (Birdie), as well as an area dedicated to training. It has hosted the French Open since 1991, and the Albatross course will be the site of the Ryder Cup.

Read on for a closer look at key components of the course’s new system and how the state-of-the-art technology is already helping save both water and costs leading up to this premier event.

Precise Irrigation Control
A key feature of Le Golf National’s new irrigation system is Toro’s Lynx® Central Control. Lynx has a user-friendly interface that combines all essential data and intuitively presents the irrigation information staff members need at a glance. The system also auto-generates reports after each night’s watering so that staff may quickly confirm sprinkler runtimes and irrigation activities.

Controlled by the Lynx system is a network of INFINITY® sprinkler heads with a patented SMART ACCESS™ design that allows access to all critical components from the top with no digging required. The INFINITY sprinkler design also offers a wide selection of high-performance nozzles and adjustment options that allow staff to put water precisely where it’s needed to match seasonal watering requirements.

In addition to Lynx Central Control and INFINITY sprinklers, the system includes a new pump station provided by local Toro distributor Solvert. These products work together to give course greenkeepers precise control over watering schedules, along with extensive soil and water usage data to make quick, informed decisions. The system was recently put to the test during the HNA Open de France in June, when temperatures soared as high as 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Impressive Performance
Alejandro Reyes, manager at Le Golf National, said, “On the Albatross course alone, we have installed 1,500 sprinklers. What impressed me the most was the INFINITY sprinkler — it’s so innovative with the top accessibility. As for the Toro Lynx system, for me, the best thing about it is the ease of use. The fact that everything is there on the screen and with just one click you can make the adjustments you need.”

The new system positions Le Golf National to address the challenge of water conservation well into the future, especially as the course prepares to host other major international events like the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Distributor Support
Since the irrigation system was installed, Solvert has continued to provide Le Golf National with daily support as needed. This includes coordinating pump station maintenance with the help of local technicians, as well as training course staff to optimize the capabilities of the Lynx system. Le Golf National also has a contract with Toro NSN, a service that provides 24/7 irrigation and central control system support.

“Whenever you need Toro, it’s there,” added Reyes. “You know they are good, reliable products. And it’s comforting to know that there’s always someone on the other end of your mobile phone. That’s very important to us, because we are carrying out so much work in so little time. We need responsive partners, and with Toro it works really well.”

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