Save Time and Money with Toro Reels+™ and EdgeSeries Reels+™

Toro mowers are known for their reliability and productivity, and Toro is taking that productivity to the next level with the launch of Reels+™ and EdgeSeries Reels+™. In the past, reels, bearings, seals and spacers were provided separately and could take considerable time to install. New Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ come as a complete assembly. With the bearings already pressed on with required low-drag flock seals and spacers, you can save approximately 15-20 minutes of installation time per reel.

This new solution is going to simplify and streamline maintenance, ultimately making a positive contribution to the bottom line of your operation. Simply look for the plus symbol (+) next to reels or EdgeSeries reels to know you’re getting a fully integrated reel assembly, complete with bearings, seals and spacers.

Reduced Overall Costs
Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ began being phased into parts circulation in 2018 and the phase-in will continue through early 2019. Customers will see real savings through Reels+ because the additional bearings, seals and spacers are sold at a discount from the individual part retail price.

In addition, customers time and money due to the integration of the reel and components. This removes guesswork for technicians and ensures the recommended bearings are utilized, which can increase the life of your cutting units.

In most cases, Reels+ assemblies will replace all reels currently offered through Toro’s distribution network. In instances where reels do not require bearings, such as gang reels and some greens applications, single reel units will be available.

Available Resources
To make it easy to select the right Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ products for your cutting units, Toro has put together a convenient Reels Reference Chart. You can also learn more by viewing the Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ video and by talking with your local Toro distributor.