INFINITY® Series Sprinklers: Precision With Infinite Possibilities

Your irrigation system is only as precise as the component that directly applies the water to the turf. Toro’s INFINITY® Series sprinklers are designed with exclusive features that deliver precision where it matters most — so you can apply water with unmatched control.

Let’s take a closer look at four ways INFINITY sprinklers can help you save time, minimize disruption and create a superior playing experience:

1. More control for precise, efficient watering.
INFINITY sprinklers are equipped with several features that give you more precise control:

  • The ratcheting riser adjusts your left alignment in 5-degree increments with no disassembly required. Simply pull up the riser and ratchet to the precise position you want to water. The competition can only adjust in 16-degree increments and requires disassembly.
  • You can adjust the trajectory of the throw from 7 degrees to 30 degrees in 1-degree increments while the water is on. This gives you ultimate flexibility, regardless of windy or other conditions.
  • You can also adjust the sprinkler from being a full-circle to a part-circle model. It’s easy to change the area of coverage with no disassembly or additional parts required.
  • INFINITY sprinklers offer the industry’s largest precision nozzle selection, from 25′ to 100′ radius throws. You have the flexibility to choose from Main, Intermediate and Inner nozzle options for maximum precision based on course conditions.

Beyond these features, INFINITY sprinklers have a Lynx® Smart Module inside — which basically puts a mini computer in the sprinkler. The Lynx Smart Module allows golf courses to water to an exact amount with precision calculated down to the second via the Lynx Central Control System.

2. Ease of use and service without digging.
In the past, working on sprinkler systems meant digging around the sprinklers, which would cause turf scars and potential hole closures. It also took a lot of labor. INFINITY makes all the key components easy to access from the top with the SMART ACCESS design. There are just three simple screws to open the sprinkler up from the top.

This design gives you instant access to all the sprinkler components, including the wires, solenoid, pilot valve and pressure adjustment — without needing to shut off the water. You can also remove the head without shutting off the water and easily make adjustments as conditions change.

This potentially cuts sprinkler maintenance from hours to minutes, which can add up to a huge time savings for your crew. You don’t have to deal with unsightly turf scars from digging, and there’s less disruption for players on your course.

In addition, nozzle-based clutching makes hot spot watering easier than ever. No more dragging a hose out to a green to water hot spots — you simply manually flag the sprinkler on, adjust the trajectory and hold the head in place to put the water exactly where you want it.

3. Protected components for lasting reliability.
INFINITY sprinklers keep smart technology like the Lynx Smart Module protected so the sprinkler can run reliably. The protective enclosure isolates wire splices from the soil and potential shorts to ground.

The Lynx Smart Modules inside INFINITY sprinklers are also extremely durable. They’re built to withstand tough lightning conditions with best-in-class surge protection.

4. Future-proof design for upgrades without replacement.
When you make a significant investment in technology, there’s always a fear that you’ll be missing out on something better down the road (hello, smartphones). INFINITY sprinklers take that fear out of the equation. They’re completely backward and forward compatible with room to upgrade and grow.

  • The SMART ACCESS design allows you to add features and enhancements for decades to come using only a screwdriver. You won’t need to invest in new sprinklers to take advantage of new technology.
  • Lynx Smart Modules let you perform software upgradesremotely with the click of a button from Lynx Central Control. You can add features and enhancements without digging, turning off the water or valving off areas of the course.
  • When needed, the optional INFINITY Razor™ Kit is an easy way to elevate the sprinkler without digging (for example, when sprinklers have fallen below grade level due to topdressing applications or settling). This can delay re-setting heads to grade by as much as 10 years.
  • In areas where you want to eliminate sprinkler interference, the INFINITY STEALTH™ Kit creates a seamless turf appearance. It eliminates the hard surface golf ball bounce, should the ball hit the sprinkler, as well as removing trip hazards. It also reduces trimming efforts around sprinklers.

What’s more, Toro’s INFINITY sprinkler has been the No. 1 sprinkler sold since it was released in 2014* because it’s designed with the future in mind. With INFINITY sprinklers, you won’t need to invest in new sprinklers as technology advances. Plus, you’ll begin saving time on sprinkler service and maintenance from day one.

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*Based on Toro sales data.