Getting a precise, consistent cut on greens with significant undulations can be a challenge. Now there’s a new solution: Toro® Greensmaster® Flex™ 1018 and 1021 walk greens mowers. These models combine all the benefits of the Greensmaster 1000 Series with innovative Flex cutting heads, delivering the immaculate cut golf courses demand with these benefits:

1. Contour-Following
The Flex 1018 and Flex 1021 are designed to hug contours, thanks to Toro’s patented Flex suspension. An integrated linkage system allows the cutting units to pivot around the center of the front roller to follow undulations and prevent side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

2. Consistency
To further enhance cutting performance, the Flex 1018 and Flex 1021 are equipped with features that help eliminate variation among operators with different skill levels. These features are engineered to synchronize the operator and machine so they can work in perfect harmony:

  • Telescoping loop handle — adjusts in seconds to comfortably accommodate operators of different heights, resulting in a more consistent cut and reduced operator fatigue
  • Rubber handle isolation mounts — reduces oscillation motion from walking, giving the cutting units consistent contact with the ground and eliminating the variability in height-of-cut that can occur with differences in handle pressure or operator strides

3. Control
Flex 1018 and Flex 1021 models offer excellent balance for superior tracking and easy turnaround. The bail design combines safety and operational control — allowing the operator to slow down or come to a complete stop during turnarounds without disengaging traction to line up for the next mowing pass. This is ideal when using turnaround mats to preserve collar health. In addition, all operator controls are within easy reach, including the adjustable throttle and reel engagement lever.

Other features include a service/parking brake that can be engaged with one hand, and a clip for the operator’s radio. There’s also a whiteboard that can be used to convey information to operators such as height of cut or mowing direction.

4. Cut
The quality of cut story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two more essential features of the Flex 1018 and Flex 1021:

  • The distance between the cutting unit and the traction drum have been reduced. This results in better ground following, easier turns and easier positioning for the next pass.
  • Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels deliver a consistent, high-quality cut and superior after cut appearance. Improved reel edge retention also helps reduce maintenance.

5. Cost of Ownership
The Flex 1018 and Flex 1021 are engineered to maximize uptime with features that make them easy to maintain — saving time, labor and operational costs. The modular design allows the engine, transmission, drum and cutting sub-assemblies to be easily removed for service. Tool-free quick-release cutting units make removal a snap for maintenance or to swap between cutting units. Plus, all grease points have been eliminated, and the greased-for-life gear-drive transmission further reduces maintenance needs.

Choose Your Model
The Flex 1018 has an 18″ (45.7 cm) width of cut, and the Flex 1021 has a 21″ (53.3 cm) width of cut. Both machines offer the choice of 11-blade or 14-blade cutting units to accommodate different cutting heights, as well as multiple bedknife options, grooming tools, scrapers and brushes to address every turf application. Both models are also powered by Honda® GX120 engines.

For more information about the Greensmaster Flex 1018, Flex 1021 and eFlex™ 1021, visit or contact your local distributor.

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