Make Fall Cleanup Easier And Faster

Every tee box, green, dip and undulation on a golf course is like a magnet for drifting leaves, twigs, pine needles and more. Clearing debris away to return to the playing conditions golfers expect can be time consuming. Fortunately, powerful equipment from Toro is designed to make the job quick and efficient.

The ProLine H800 is a single machine, mower and collection system, that quickly clears away clippings, leaves, and other debris into a 214-gallon capacity system in one pass. The Pro Force™ debris blower is the ideal choice for clearing grass clippings, leaves, chaff, and other debris from fairways, clubhouse grounds, fence lines, cart paths, and other paved areas. To collect the debris and haul it away, the Rake-O-Vac® and Versa-Vac® sweeper-vacuums make cleanup a breeze.

ProLine® H800

The ProLine® H800 direct collect rotary mowers offer a class-leading 214-gallon collection hopper and a cutting width of 50”. It uses its Smart AirFlow system to move clipping and debris from the cutting deck surface to the hopper, leaving a clear path of grass in its wake.

When the collection hopper is full the operator is notified and the cutting deck shuts off to help prevent clogging. Emptying the hopper is a very simple task thanks to the high lift system which can reach a height of 77” and dump debris 12” past the rear bumper, making it possible to dump clippings directly into the bed of a truck.

Pro Force Debris Blower

With an abundance of air volume flow from the single nozzle turbine-style debris blower, the Pro Force is built to move a lot of debris — farther and faster — in little time. It has the force to send even wet, heavy leaves flying in the direction you want them to go. The single-piece, impact-resistant plastic nozzle is molded to resist damage, helping to reduce downtime and lower repair costs.

Plus, the Pro Force is designed for safety and easy operation. A wireless remote gives the operator control without needing to leave the tractor. The remote control can start and stop the blower engine, throttle it up and down, and even rotate the nozzle a full 360 degrees in either direction. The heavy-duty trailer and tow hitch is adjustable for easy connection to a range of vehicles, and the muffler is enclosed in a protective cage to guard against potential injuries from the heated area.

Sweeper Vacuums

The Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac sweeper-vacuums each feature large hoppers that increase productivity by reducing the trips needed for dumping. The large 4.75 cubic yard hopper on the Rake-O-Vac gives you plenty of capacity for large areas. The Versa-Vac is Toro’s largest sweeper with a 6.5 cubic yard capacity, so stops to unload are few and far between.

Of course, even more important than the size is the performance, and both the Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac really come through. The Rake-O-Vac includes a Flex Tip Reel with six rows of flexible nylon teeth supported by eleven spring-loaded sets. They work like fingers to gently lift debris, protecting the turf while positioning the debris for efficiently vacuuming into the hopper. The Versa-Vac also features a rubber finger deck for turf protection and effective removal of leaves, twigs, pine needles, clippings and more. Both the Rake-O-Vac and the Versa-Vac are also designed with airflow systems that deliver a cleaner environment for the operator and bystanders.

Fast Return To Playing Conditions

Get the fast cleanup golfers expect with the high productivity of the Pro Force debris blower and Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac sweeper-vacuums. You can also get more return from your equipment investment by taking advantage of their versatility for year-round use. Use the Pro Force to quickly clear tee boxes any time of year, blow the dew off of greens, or to cool greens during a summer heat wave. Use the Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac to collect the cuttings from thicker spring growth and cleaning up after verticutting, scalping and de-thatching.

To learn more about Toro solutions for fall cleanup, visit the Toro website or contact your local Toro distributor.