9 Bullseye Tools To Target Your Turf

Use this Bullseye™ aerification, renovation and grooming equipment to keep your course looking naturally great and healthy.

  • The Bullseye RotaQuake™ 630 aerator works at depths up to 10 inches with minimal surface disruption to keep your turf ready for play. The rotating steel blades cut cleanly through the soil, creating a wave action that shatters compacted areas and opens up the subsoil.
  • Simplify seeding by producing holes, delivering the seed and brushing it in with a single machine. Available in two widths, Bullseye RapidSeed™ 430 and 590 seeders use conical-shaped spikes that ensure more seed drops into the hole. The seeds drop when the side wheel turns, so there’s no spillage when the machine isn’t operating. An optional replacement rear spiked roller can be added to double the number of holes per pass, and an optional hydraulic lift wheel kit allows the seeder to be towed behind a Workman® HDX.
  • Another great seeding choice is the Bullseye AccuraSeed™ 620. It plants grass seed directly into slits made in the ground for outstanding seed-to-soil contact and unmatched germination.  Because it is completely ground driven, it has fewer moving parts to maintain. The metering design provides an infinite range of seeding rates with all seed types and sizes. The large-capacity hopper increases productivity by reducing refills.  
  • Bullseye NuSurface™ 470 and 790 turf renovation tools are the go-to choice for course cleanup. Fraise mow, flail mow, dethatch and clean up the removed material in a single pass. The rotary-action blades remove material, dropping it onto a conveyor belt for easy delivery into a dump box, leaving behind a smooth surface. A single-pass verticut and cleanup can also be performed following a simple blade change.
  • The Bullseye QuickGroom™ series of groomers ideal for incorporating topdressing or for a light brushing and striping effect. The soft bristles of the QuickGroom 550 minimize grass wear and its 55-inch width offers easy maneuvering. The 70-inch QuickGroom 700 features a triangular design that brushes the grass twice on every pass. Optional side wings can be added to the 71-inch QuickGroom 710 to increase the working width to 158 inches for handling large areas quickly.

To learn more about improving and maintaining golf course turf with Bullseye equipment, contact your local distributor.