Toro Workman® Utility Vehicles: A Series for Every Need

From moving people, equipment and material to topdressing and spraying, Toro’s Workman® lineup has you covered with some of the toughest and hardest-working utility vehicles on the market today. No matter which one you choose, you can count on it to deliver exceptional power, payload, versatility and reliability.

Which model is right for you? It depends on how you plan to use it. Here’s a quick rundown of the options and what they have to offer.

Medium-Duty Workman MDX Series: Comfort and Productivity
The Workman MDX Series with Superior Ride Quality (SRQ™) combines comfort and productivity like never before. Whether you need to haul big loads of dirt or sand, complete course renovation projects or new construction — or even power through slick, muddy areas — this everyday workhorse gets the job done. Top benefits include:

  • Excellent traction. Toro’s groundbreaking SRQ system feels like driving a 4-wheel-drive system, especially paired with the optional all-terrain tires. That’s because the Active In-Frame™ twister joint allows the front and rear chassis to move independently of each other, so all four wheels stay on the ground on hilly or uneven terrain.
  • Smooth ride. Ground-hugging coil-over shock absorber suspension cushions operators over bumps and undulations, no matter what the payload, so operators can often move faster from job to job. That means less operator fatigue and greater productivity.
  • Hefty capacity. MDX Series models have a 1,650 lb (750 kg) payload capacity — the highest in their class. They can also tow up to 1,200 lbs (544 kg) with the optional heavy-duty hitch.
  • Year-round versatility. Toro offers a wide selection of attachments and accessories to transform the Workman MDX for different jobs. Options include a deluxe hard cab, beverage cart, electric bed lift, BOSS® snow plow and more.

Heavy-Duty Workman HD/HDX Series: Maximum Hauling and Towing Power
For hauling capacity, versatility and bang for your utility vehicle buck, you can’t beat the Workman HD/HDX Series. With an I-beam axle that’s seven times stronger than a tubular design, a bed that hauls up to 3,352 lbs (1,520 kg), and an electronic fuel-injected engine that makes every gallon go farther, they’re built for the toughest jobs. Top benefits include:

  • Superior strength. The Workman HD gets its strength from a rear DeDion axle, which is an automotive technology that isolates the engine, transmission and main frame from all load forces to eliminate stress to these main components. The I-beam design provides superior ability to handle vertical loading, which is the same reason I-beams are used in the construction industry.
  • Traction and comfort. The automatic, bi-directional 4-wheel drive traction system provides additional traction on demand when needed. Plus, the independent front suspension features two double A-frames with opposing dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers, creating a comfortable ride while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Heavy-duty durability. Rugged features a specially designed composite front bumper with energy-absorbing crush zone protection, as well as 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes that provide greater stopping power and easier servicing than traditional drum brakes.
  • Add-on capabilities. Beyond hauling and towing, Workman HD/HDX Series models can also perform a variety of tasks with attachments such as a 200-gal (757 L) Multi Pro® WM sprayer, Vicon® spreader, topdresser and much more.

Workman GTX Series: The Grounds and Turf Crossover
With the Workman GTX Series, we set out to design a utility vehicle that is simply superior to the competition. The result is a grounds and turf crossover vehicle that offers an unmatched combination of comfort, utility and control. With its increased power, improved steering and exclusive suspension and braking systems, the Workman GTX is most versatile, practical and comfortable utility vehicle in its class. Top benefits include:

  • Extensive customization. Hundreds of configuration options are possible on both the gas and electric GTX models. Choose from two-, four- and six-seat configurations with bench or bucket seats. Add front or rear mounts for garbage cans, hose reels or walk spreaders to free up the bed for more hauling capacity. You can even swap the cargo bed for a 4- or 6-ft (1.22 or 1.83 m) flatbed with an available electric bed lift. Try our online Workman GTX Configurator to create and email your own custom combination of options.
  • Control in any conditions. On uneven terrain, the split frame and gimbal joint allow the Workman GTX to articulate and keep all four wheels on the ground. In addition, the automotive-grade rack and pinion steering system allows exceptional control with minimal steering effort while operating fully loaded or empty, and low-maintenance hydraulic disk brakes provide reliable stopping power.
  • Comfortable ride. Coil-over shocks on all four wheels provide a smoother ride while minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Outstanding durability and capacity. The Workman GTX is equipped with virtually unbreakable exterior components, a powder-coated frame and underbody, and a composite bed and bumper to stand up to the toughest jobs. Configured with two seats and a bed, it offers a payload capacity of 1,200 lbs (544 kg) and a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs (680 kg).

Tough choice? We hear you.
Not sure which series you need? Contact your local Toro distributor. They’re a great resource to discuss your applications and recommend the right Workman utility vehicle for your needs. Request a demo and see what the Workman Series can do for you.