From Minnesota to Maryland, Toro’s Workman® GTX Delivers

How does the new Workman® GTX perform when it comes to real-world golf course demands? We asked golf course professionals who use them every day to share their experience, and comfort and power emerged as some of their top benefits.

“The ride is fantastic.”
North Oaks Golf Club in North Oaks, Minn., purchased one of the first electric models off the line in May of 2016. Assistant golf course superintendent Chris Aumock uses it as his personal cart, and he says he put about 330 hours on it last season alone.

“The best thing about it is the suspension,” Aumock says. “I use it pretty aggressively. I’m always moving, and the ride is fantastic. It’s a really comfortable ride.”

The Workman GTX features coil-over shocks on all four wheels, which helps create that smooth ride. The split frame and gimbal joint also allow the vehicle to articulate on uneven terrain, keeping both wheels on the ground.

“Streamlined compactness.”
Charlie Ulevich, director of grounds for Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Md., and Hayfields Country Club in Hunt Valley, Md., has four new Workman GTX vehicles in his fleet. All of them have the standard two-person seating configuration with a bed.

“The streamlined compactness is what we’re liking most right now,” he says. “My crew says that in spite of the smaller size, there is no loss in comfort or steerability. Comfort-wise and operations-wise, they’re finding them to be very good vehicles.”

Ulevich’s crew uses the Workman GTX vehicles primarily for moving people, hauling mowers on a trailer and transporting small debris. Although they have only had the vehicles a few months, Ulevich says his equipment technician has already determined that they are very user- and maintenance-friendly, and his crew agrees.

“Seems to have more power.”
Both Aumock and Ulevich also mentioned the power of the Workman GTX. The new design’s improved power to weight ratio boosts payload capacity and productivity.

“The overall vehicle looks to be very sound. It feels solid. And it seems to have more power than the older models we replaced,” Ulevich says. “They do very well pulling trailers with mowers and they do very well under load, so we’re all very happy with that.”

Aumock also commented on the vehicle’s powertrain. “The engine is great. The acceleration and the power are there. We have some steep hills, and when you’re going up a hill and it maintains that power, it’s great.”

“I can run all day on one charge.”
Mariner Sands Country Club in Stuart, Fla., has multiple GTX vehicles, including three electric units. Golf course superintendent John Lapikas purchased electric models based on their quiet operation. According to Lapikas, the battery life has been good. “I can run all day on one charge,” he says.

North Oaks Golf Club has had electric utility vehicles in the past, and they also chose to replace them with the electric Workman GTX because of the low noise level. “We liked the quietness of it,” Aumock explains. “As much as I move around the golf course, it’s the best choice for getting around the members.” He also noted the efficiency of the electric model.

So far, the course hasn’t had to service anything on the vehicle. Aumock says he monitors the water levels on the batteries, but that’s it. “The charging setup is easy,” he adds. “It’s just a simple cord. You can park it anywhere and charge it.”

“The versatility is very promising.”
Another key benefit of the Workman GTX is its versatility. Over 300 unique configurations are possible, including seating for two or four people, front and rear attachment points for accessories, and steel 4- and 6- foot flatbeds.

Although the trash can holder is the only accessory North Oaks Golf Club has purchased so far, Aumock already sees the potential. “The trash can holder has been great for our tee service. When I’m carrying a lot of stuff and I can’t fit it all in the bed, I can throw those cans on the back and have space for everything I need for the job,” he notes. “The versatility of it is very promising. We’re not using it fully, but I can see the value if we decide to do more later.”

Try it for yourself!
Toro’s Workman GTX Superior Drive Tour is coming to a location near you, and it’s the perfect opportunity to test-drive a GTX for yourself. At each tour stop, there will be six models in different configurations so you can check out the possibilities firsthand.

Sign up to attend and Toro will provide lunch and a free hat, as well as a coupon good for $1,000 off your first Workman GTX purchase.*

Visit for dates and locations and register online to attend. For a preview, you can also check out this virtual tour online.

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