Precision Topdressing Made Easy: ProPass™ 200 and MH-400

From ultra-light dustings to the ultra-heavy filling of aeration holes, meet your topdressing needs accurately and easily with the ProPass™ 200 Broadcast Topdresser and the MH-400 Material Handler. Designed to save labor time while delivering precision results, both simplify course maintenance and help ensure top-quality playing surfaces.

Eliminate Guesswork with the ProPass 200
Smoothing surfaces and reducing thatch buildup not only used to take considerable time and effort, but it also was a challenge just to get the settings right. Not anymore. The ProPass 200 Broadcast Topdresser puts an end to guesswork with intuitive color-coded adjustment settings that ensure extremely accurate spread patterns. The settings are repeatable for consistent operation and defined edges, and adjusting the settings is a breeze with the available wireless controller. You can make real-time changes and store the settings for future use.

You’ll also enjoy spread consistency thanks to the patented “drop zone” sliding adjustment. Evenly apply materials from 9’ (2.74 m) narrow to 30’ (9.1 m) wide. Plus, the unique four-wheel, walking-beam

suspension protects even the most sensitive turf by maintaining a light footprint.

The ProPass 200 gives you flexibility, too. Configurations include a bed-mounted choice, a trailer version with either engine or vehicle hydraulic power, and a fifth-wheel trailer version. No tools are needed to quickly swap out the twin spinner accessory with a 270-degree swivel cross-conveyor.

Enjoy Ultimate Versatility with the MH-400
With its large capacity and versatile design, the MH-400 is built to tackle a wide range of jobs at your course — and that starts with topdressing. Quickly install the twin spinner accessory and the MH-400 becomes a large area topdresser. You’ll be able to easily transport and accurately spread everything from crumb rubber to a sand/peat topdressing mix. It also has an available wireless controller for real-time adjustments and storage of repeatable settings.

Just like the ProPass 200, the MH-400 features the patented “drop zone” sliding adjustment for spread consistency, so you can evenly apply materials from 9’ (2.74 m) narrow to 40’ (12.2 m) wide.

The MH-400 also has additional features that help you do more while saving time. The rear can be elevated to a height of 6’ (2m), so along with using it for topdressing materials, you can use it as a multi-purpose dump trailer. Use the rear hitch to tow other equipment, such as a woodchipper, in tandem for efficiency and productivity.

Built to Last
Both the ProPass 200 and MH-400 are manufactured with Toro’s world-renowned quality for long-lasting performance, low maintenance and easy cleaning. For precision topdressing at a great value, count on the ProPass 200 and MH-400. Visit for details or contact your local Toro distributor to learn more.