Precision Striping is Easier and Faster with the Toro ProStripe® 560

The new Toro ProStripe® 560 lets operators get the striping quality they need without sacrificing speed. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver the ProStripe 560 in tight areas, so it’s ideal for sports venues, municipalities, resorts and golf courses. It’s also the fastest mower in its class*, helping to get the job done quicker.

Toro understands how important it is for high-end venues to have an attractive striped finish, not only for the fans in the stands, but also for the TV audience watching broadcast events. The ProStripe 560 provides both quality of cut and a clean striped finish in one efficient step. As an added benefit, striping can help reduce soil compaction and contribute to the health of the turf.

The collection capabilities of the ProStripe 560 also make post-game cleanup a breeze, with no divots left. It’s a low-maintenance solution that’s easy to use with no additional operator training needed.

Unique, Efficient Design
The ProStripe 560 features a split rear roller with an integrated differential, enabling tight turns with a minimal risk of turf damage. The mower is also equipped with MatchCut™ technology, allowing operators to quickly, and easily, fine-tune the cutting height to match other machines. Front fins lift the grass for a clean cut, and optimized airflow ensures efficient collection of clippings while moving dust away from the operator. The result is an outstanding cut that delivers first-class striping.

The speed of the ProStripe 560, ranging from 1.8 to 3.1 mph, helps ensure that the high-quality striping is delivered quickly. To further increase productivity, the 3-speed transmission can be adjusted to suit the weather and turf conditions. An optional groomer brush attachment is also available.

Operator-Friendly Performance
An ergonomic reinforced handlebar and the Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) transmission system improve operator comfort and efficiency. When the handlebar is released, the BBC system stops the blade without stopping the engine, so the operator can empty the grass bag or move from site to site without shutting down the machine. Plus, the high-capacity grass bag reduces the trips needed for emptying.

The ProStripe 560 is also built to last. The heavy-duty cast aluminum deck and a commercial-grade Kawasaki® engine can withstand the most demanding professional applications.

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*Based on average speed, measured on concrete.