What to Consider When Choosing a Compact Fairway Mower

We know Toro Reelmaster® 3555/3575 models aren’t your only option when it comes to compact three-wheel fairway mowers. But if you’re in the market for a new machine and you’re evaluating your options, here are three key things to consider.

  1. How simple is it to operate and maintain?
    The more new bells and whistles a mower has, the more complicated it is to learn, use and service. When we were first developing the Reelmaster 3555/3575, we listened to customers who told us they wanted a cost-effective and highly productive machine that was easy to operate and maintain.As a result, we kept the operator controls on the Reelmaster 3555/3575 simple and straightforward. We also made the mowers easy to service, minimizing complex electronics. In addition, the Reelmaster 3555/3575 shares a common platform design with other Toro® mowers, which can improve operator and technician efficiency.
  1. Is the quality of cut consistent, even in tough conditions?
    The Reelmaster 3555/3575 cuts just as well in heavy growth periods as it does in typical mowing conditions, thanks to Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels. EdgeSeries reels are designed to deliver a consistent, high-quality cut and superior aftercut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge retention.Depending on the configuration, EdgeSeries reels have a forward-swept design or a radial design with an improved helix and blade angle, offering a very precise cut for the full width of the bedknife-to-reel contact. Each EdgeSeries reel also features new reel blade material that holds an edge longer for a crisp, clean cut. These cutting units offer up to 30 percent longer life than the previous design, which helps reduce replacement costs and simplifies maintenance.Beyond the reel design, Reelmaster 3555/3575 mowers are about 20 percent lighter than a comparably equipped Toro 4-wheel drive fairway machine, further contributing to the outstanding cutting performance and turf-friendly footprint.
  1. How does it perform when climbing hills?
    Reelmaster 3555/3575 mowers have a low center of gravity and the weight distribution is extremely well-balanced from both front to back and side to side. They also feature a Series/Parallel 3-wheel drive system that provides power to at least two wheels at all times. The result is unmatched hill-climbing ability and hillside stability, even in wet turf conditions — all with minimal wheel slip, which makes them gentle on the turf.Reelmaster 3555/3575 mowers do not have a system that automatically reduces the speed of the machine to keep power to the cutting units in challenging conditions, because it simply isn’t needed. Power is “right sized” on Reelmaster 3555/3575 mowers, so they maintain outstanding cutting performance without compromising traction power — eliminating worries about getting bogged down or stalling out on slopes.In addition to excellent hill-climbing performance, Reelmaster 3555/3575 mowers are highly maneuverable. This allows for faster end-of-row turnarounds, which increases productivity. In fact, customers have reported 15 to 20 percent reductions in mowing time compared to a four-wheel unit because these mowers are so much faster in the turnaround. Plus, the smooth, turf-friendly tires reduce the potential for turf tear in tight turns.

Learn more and compare.
The bottom line is that the Reelmaster 3555 (5-inch reels) and 3575 (7-inch reels) were designed based on input from customers like you, and the proven design delivers proven performance without unnecessary complexity. They’re easy to operate and maintain, which contributes to better productivity. In fact, you get all the productivity you expect from a Reelmaster product in a compact, lightweight design.

Demo a Reelmaster 3555/3575 fairway mower and see for yourself how the performance compares to other options on your short list. For more details about these models, contact your local Toro distributor or visit toro.com.