Simplify Fall Cleanup With the Toro® Rake-O-Vac® and Versa-Vac®

When storms, heavy winds and fall weather litter your course with debris, count on the Rake-O-Vac® and Versa-Vac® to make cleanup a breeze.

Versatile Performers
Leaves, twigs, needles and debris from fall weather are a golf course fact of life. It can be a time-consuming chore, yet golfers expect it to be done quickly and done well. That’s where sweeper vacuums from Toro come in. The powerful Rake-O-Vac cleans even the most difficult turf, and the high-capacity Versa-Vac delivers a clean sweep without the constant need to stop and unload. With one or both on hand, you’ll have all the muscle you need to clear your course swiftly and efficiently.

Bring on the Challenges
From heavy leaves and limbs to those pesky pine needles, the Rake-O-Vac meets every challenge. Its Kohler® 23-hp engine delivers plenty of horsepower, and the spring-loaded flex tip scours the turf with exceptional sweeping performance that scoops debris without any risk of turf damage. The rugged impeller fan pulverizes debris, and the large 4.75 cubic yard hopper gives you plenty of capacity for large areas.

The Versa-Vac also offers an outstanding blend of power, performance and capacity. A 540-PTO drive powers the hydraulics, sweeping decks and impeller fan, giving you all the force you need to clear your course. Toro’s largest sweeper, the Versa-Vac, also features a large 6.5 cubic yard capacity, so stops to unload are few and far between.

User-Friendly Design
Think of the Toro Rake-O-Vac as the clean cleaner. It keeps your ground crew — and your neighbors — happy through a unique redirected airflow system that minimizes dust by directing it back to the ground. On the Versa-Vac, the cargo door and dump operate hydraulically with easy-access controls directly behind the tractor, making life easier for the operator while also saving time. Add in the excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and the large-capacity hopper that reduces emptying time, and it’s easy to see why operators enjoy using the Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac.

Exceptional Performance With No Exceptions
See for yourself how the sweeping and vacuuming performance of the Toro Rake-O-Vac and Versa-Vac conquer tough debris situations quickly and effectively. Visit to learn more, or contact your local distributor for a demonstration.