The pressure is on. You have a reputation to uphold with your players. Is it worth compromising that reputation for will-fit parts?

Chad Braun, equipment manager at Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury, Minn., puts it in perspective: “Over the years I have established a pretty good reputation of doing things the right way and turning out a quality product, and I just feel that I’m putting that at risk if I use something other than the original equipment part.” Watch this video to hear more from Chad and find out why Toro® genuine parts are the best choice for your Turfonomics.


The reality is that while non-OEM parts may fit your equipment, they might not work as well or last as long. That can mean equipment issues, downtime — even turf damage that affects the way your course looks and plays. And if you have to replace parts more often, that’s just another drag on your course’s Turfonomics.Parts_Rep_Story_Images500x333-4

Top Line Thinking

With Toro genuine parts, you know you’re getting the exact part that was made for your machine. Toro parts are designed to work together so you get optimal performance for the pristine after-cut appearance players expect. If you use something else, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same results.


Bottom Line Thinking

When you have the right part for the right application, maintenance is faster and easier. Toro genuine parts are the very same parts used in Toro equipment production lines every day. They’re highly engineered, precision manufactured and built to last. This all adds up to fewer repairs and less machine downtime.


Real World Thinking

Up front, OEM maintenance parts are competitively priced, providing a tremendous value to the golf course. Will-fit parts that have to be replaced more often or cause issues for your course can end up costing much more in the long run. Ask your Toro distributor for details. And when you consider that it’s your reputation on the line, isn’t it well worth an investment in you?