Toro is constantly working on ways to improve our cutting systems for the best results. For 2016, we’re excited to integrate new EdgeSeries reels on all Toro® Greensmaster® and Reelmaster® mowers as new units are produced.

Continuous Improvement in Cut Quality – for Less!
Quality of cut is, perhaps, the most critical aspect of reel mowing, and Toro is constantly looking for ways to simultaneously improve our cutting performance and save money. During the development process, Toro engineers look for innovative ways to improve how our cutting units are manufactured, from the blade materials down to the cutting geometry. 

Perhaps the most critical component of Toro’s re-engineered cutting systems is the new EdgeSeries™ reels, designed from the start for longer life with less maintenance while taking quality of cut to the next level. Here’s a quick look at the key features:

•  Improved after-cut appearance. The forward-swept reel design has an improved helix and blade angle, offering a very precise cut across the full width of cut.


•  Longer life. Each EdgeSeries reel features tougher reel blade materials with improved wear-resistant properties that hold an edge longer. Extensive field testing of EdgeSeries reels to date has demonstrated that they typically last 30 to 50 percent longer, which helps reduce both maintenance and replacement costs.

•  Less maintenance. Better edge retention means there’s less grinding, less backlapping and less maintenance involved for the overall cutting system. Less maintenance also means lower labor costs — and the many improvements to our cutting systems, taken together, represent significant improvement to the overall cost of ownership for all Toro Greensmaster and Reelmaster mowers

Benefits to Turf Health
Without a properly sharpened reel and bedknife, blades can stretch, break and damage the turf. This can cause tip dieback, which not only looks bad but may also introduce, or facilitate the spread of, disease. Thanks to the new EdgeSeries reel design, cutting units retain their edge longer for a crisper, cleaner, healthier cut.

Other Improvements
Another benefit of the new cutting unit design is better grass collection in the baskets, due to the geometry changes. That leads to fewer clippings collecting on or under the basket and falling onto the turf.


In addition to these improvements, select cutting units feature advanced bearings that allow the reels to spin with less friction, resulting in fuel savings. The advanced cutting unit design, which combines key features of the cutting unit components (e.g., the housing, the reel and bedknife), allows certain mowers to have a smaller engine while performing as well as – and frequently better than – competitive models with higher horsepower engines.

Rollout Has Begun
Toro’s new EdgeSeries reels are currently – or soon will be – available on all Toro greensmowers and fairway mowers, and as replacement parts. If a customer chooses to replace existing reels with the new EdgeSeries design, keep in mind that all reels on the same mower should be updated at the same time to avoid cutting inconsistencies.

These improvements are just another example of how Toro continues to raise the standard for precision cutting in the golf industry. For more information about the new cutting system improvements, contact your local Toro distributor or visit