Welcome to The Internet of Turf™

From buying a cup of coffee to controlling our thermostats, smart devices are continually putting more convenience and control at our fingertips. The world of smart technology is evolving exponentially, and by 2020, it’s estimated that over 200 billion devices will be talking to each other and sending data on the Web.*

Now Toro is using the same technology to help golf course professionals maintain the perfect playing conditions every day. Welcome to The Internet of Turf™, a virtual ecosystem of Toro® products and services that provide actionable data to help optimize turf management decisions.

The Internet of Turf™ is an umbrella term for how The Toro Company connects multiple aspects of turf management together in one or multiple applications to better manage turf. This includes areas such as irrigation control, fertilizer and pesticide application, turf and soil monitoring, equipment performance monitoring, and even technical support.

With this connected technology, we are able to combine information from multiple sources in unique ways to help reduce operating costs, enhance safety and more.

The key is that these information sources not only connect to the Internet to send and receive data, but will even connect with each other in the future, providing smarter, more integrated solutions that deliver increased value. The ultimate benefit is a big-picture perspective that delivers more insights about managing turf.

We understand that golf course personnel don’t have time to wade through data; they need to be out on the course getting the job done. By delivering connected information at a glance, the Internet of Turf™ helps superintendents maximize the performance of their crew, their equipment and their turf.

Watch the video for a quick look at how Toro can help connect key resources across a golf course to streamline operations and increase productivity. For more information about all of these connected solutions, go to toro.com.

*Source: IDC, Intel, Aberdeen