New Distributor Training Tools Enhance Service

From onboard computers to Tier 4 engines to advanced diagnostics, today’s equipment is more sophisticated than ever. With the ongoing shortage of qualified technicians, you need to know where to turn for advanced service needs and troubleshooting questions.

The good news is that Toro distributor service personnel are well equipped to support you, thanks to brand-new training resources. We have completely reinvented our distributor training program to deliver more and better information, faster. That means you can count on your Toro distributor for any service need, from your oldest models to brand-new first-year machines.

What’s New for Toro Distributors
Toro’s distributor training program is one of those “best kept secrets” you may not have heard about before. However, behind the scenes, Toro distributors have always completed regular training to stay up to date.

To ensure that program is keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology in our products, we began an extensive training revitalization project in 2016. This is a multi-year effort to add new tools and opportunities that will ultimately help improve service to our customers.

Since the project began, we have worked with instructional designers to develop a wealth of new resources and curriculum for Toro technicians and salespeople. Those efforts have included:

  • The launch of a new online learning management system (LMS) that streamlines training for faster access to new information
  • New courses that are much more dynamic, engaging and interactive
  • A distributor orientation session for new technicians and salespeople at Toro headquarters in Bloomington, Minn.
  • The development of a cutting-edge virtual training simulator that allows Toro distributor personnel to learn about new products quickly via their tablet or computer.

Certified Salespeople
The new training resources will also provide more options for Toro salespeople to maintain their professional certification. Since 2004, all Toro salespeople have been required to earn certification from Sales and Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI), a third-party non-profit sales and marketing professional association. To become SMEI-certified, a salesperson must complete a self-study program and pass an exam, then complete 20 credit-hours of additional training to recertify each year.

SMEI certification shows that an individual is a sales professional and announces their professional competence to their peers, employer and customers. The SCPS and CSE designations also certify that the individual abides by the highest ethics and principles and has demonstrated knowledge and experience in sales and marketing. Toro is the only turf industry manufacturer that requires its sales force to have third-party certification.

Why It Matters
Cutting-edge equipment technology requires cutting-edge training to service and support it. We’re doing all we can at Toro to stay on the leading edge of the industry with comprehensive training tools that are available on demand.

Why does it matter that your Toro distributor is educated about the latest models and how to operate and maintain them? Because it means they’ll be there to take care of you if your machine has an issue or even if your technician simply has a service question.

Like everything we do, our training program development centers around keeping your operation up and running and maintaining a strong relationship with you. You can be confident that your Toro distributor is equipped and ready to support you.