Now you see it, now you don’t. That’s the advantage of Toro’s all-new STEALTH™ Series kit for INFINTY® Series golf sprinklers.

Won’t Interfere With Play
This kit makes it possible for turfgrass to grow over the top of the sprinkler head, creating a seamless and continuous area of turf. Ultimately, it helps improve playing conditions by minimizing sprinkler interference on the golf course.



Encourages Healthy Turf
The STEALTH Series kit quickly attaches to any INFINITY Series sprinkler, enabling installation below grade while promoting turf growth directly on top of the sprinkler. This patent-pending design eliminates disruption and damage to the course. In addition, the specially designed turf cup encourages water drainage to prevent root rot and provides 1.5 inches of room for roots to grow, promoting optimal turfgrass health.

Easy Top Access
Like other INFINITY Series products, the STEALTH Series kit includes the Smart Access® feature, which allows easy access from the top to make adjustments and reach critical components. The Smart Access feature also makes it easy to add new technology in the future.


The STEALTH Series Kit will be available in late summer. Contact your Toro distributor for more information or visit for details about the INFINITY Series.