New Lynx 7.0 Central Control Delivers the Latest in Irrigation System Control

Upgrade to the latest irrigation system control technology with the new Lynx® 7.0 Central Control System, coming this spring from Toro. The new operating system offers unprecedented precision, along with a range of significant advances designed to save time and simplify your daily irrigation system processes.

Here’s what’s new in Lynx 7.0:

Seamless compatibility with Lynx Smart Modules. Lynx 7.0 can automatically identify smart modules after the initial installation process, which can save you a substantial amount of time.

Unmatched precision and control. The new system offers runtime controls to the second and measures inputs to 1/100th of an inch. All new Toro® hardware platforms support runtimes to the second, whereas comparable systems can only offer runtime controls to the nearest minute.

Enhanced diagnostics. Lynx 7.0 can retrieve voltage and amperage data, which is crucial to understanding the overall health of the irrigation system.

Streamlined communications. New express mode delivers lightning-fast communications, so you can use system information to forecast potential system issues and address them earlier.

Updates end-users have asked for. We’ve listened to feedback from the field and incorporated new features such as interval day control to easily designate active and non-active days, enhanced map functionality, and intuitive controls for an extremely user-friendly interface.



The new Lynx 7.0 Central Control System is the 14th iteration of the operating system since the initial release in 2010. As with previous updates, Lynx 7.0 allows for easy upgrades with new versions and functionality, and works seamlessly with Lynx Smart Modules that can automatically identify the Lynx Central Control version being used. For more information, visit or contact your local Toro distributor.