This year, the 150th Open took place in St Andrews, Scotland, widely recognized as the home of golf. Six hundred years ago, the first game was played on the storied St Andrews course. For the 150th Open, the tournament used Toro irrigation and maintenance equipment to maintain The Old Course throughout the week. The international team of over 75 turf professionals used Toro battery-powered mowers, riding greens mowers, and irrigation equipment to achieve the ideal playing conditions, while minimally impacting the environment. “The inclusion, collaboration, and comradery [of the team] were like nothing I have ever been part of before,” says Jeff Drake, Toro Senior Global Product Marketing Manager. “Even with the early mornings and late nights, everyone was always willing to “pitch in” and help get tasks taken care of when they arose.”

Toro’s irrigation systems and heads gave the team precise control over watering. St Andrews remained in optimal playing condition using only a small amount of water due to the accurate and individually controlled irrigation heads. Taking the environmental impact a step further, using all Toro battery-powered equipment reduced carbon monoxide emissions up to 90% over the previously used gas-powered machines. Fewer emissions don’t only benefit the earth’s environment, but also the local wildlife that surrounds the course. “Toro product and technology proved on the world stage that a golf course can use battery power and riding greens mowers to sustainably achieve ideal playing conditions that test the best golfers in the sport,” says Barry Beckett, Toro Senior Marketing Manager.