The Strong, Silent Type: Greensmaster® eTriFlex™ Series Mowers

Some courses choose Toro Greensmaster® eTriFlex™ mowers to reduce their environmental impact. Others want to be sure they comply with local noise ordinances. Still others are looking for overall operational savings. All, of course, demand an outstanding quality of cut. What they each also quickly find is that eTriFlex 3360 hybrid and eTriFlex 3370 lithium-ion mowers deliver on every count.

“Our primary need was to meet noise ordinances,” notes Jordan McCormick, golf course superintendent at Mariana Butte Course in Loveland, Colorado, “but a great additional benefit we found with our 3370 lithium-ion model is how quickly it mows and transports compared to gas units. We’ve reduced the number of mowers that we need on a daily basis, so it’s been great from a cost-savings perspective.”

Quietly Efficient

The eTriFlex 3360 is much quieter than traditional engine-powered models, and the eTriFlex 3370 is virtually silent during operation. “We have stringent noise restrictions,” said J.R. Wilson, equipment manager for the Noyac Golf Club in Sag Harbor, New York. “The eTriFlex 3370 is really, really quiet. You don’t hear anything except the reels.” Justin Daigle, golf course superintendent at Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, Colorado, feels the same about the quiet operation of the eTriFlex 3360 hybrid. “Although I have an engine on my mower, it’s still really quiet.”

The eTriFlex Series mowers are also built for efficient and productive operation. “The Toro lithium-ion pack is incredible,” said Wilson. “We can do the greens for the whole course, including mowing for a light and dark pattern, plus travel time, and still have a lot of battery power left.” McCormick has had the same experience. “With our 3370, we can mow an entire course of 18 holes and three practice greens on a single charge, no problem.”

Both models are EnergySmart™ and utilize all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting units. Daigle likes how eTriFlex mowers are built to keep the course pristine. “Along with the high quality of cut, I love that there’s no hydraulic risk and that the bearings are greaseless. That’s huge. You can check hoses all the time and still get leaks. By eliminating hydraulics, the eTriFlex design really protects the greens.”

Easy Training. Easy Operation.

“The eTriFlex Series training was easy,” said Daigle. “Because of COVID, we had a completely new staff this year, some of whom had never mowed before. They took right to it. Our 3360 is so much easier to use and train on than a walk mower.”

McCormick agrees. “My assessment of the 3370 is that it’s well designed for simplicity of operation. The learning curve was very small. Also, safety is very important to us, and I particularly like Toro’s automatic emergency brake.”

Walk-Mower Quality

The first thing everyone mentions about the eTriFlex Series is the quality of cut. “We walk-mowed for 14 years,” said Daigle. “I notice zero difference between walk mowing and using our 3360. The end product is so good, it’s absolutely comparable to walk mowing.”

Both eTriFlex models include Toro’s Radius Dependent Speed (RDS™) System that makes them gentle on greens through a consistent clip rate across all three cutting units. As the mower turns, the inner and middle reels automatically and proportionately slow down to the exact speed necessary to maintain the same clip rate across the entire cutting width. The same technology is applied to the individual tire speeds in a turn, effectively eliminating turf thinning. “The large flotation-type tires also help protect the surface,” added Daigle. “There are no tire marks.”

The result is world-class precision cutting performance with consistent quality from green to green regardless of undulations. As Wilson puts it, “I would say it cuts better than a walker because of the downward pressure that you’re getting and the way it contours over the greens.”

You can learn more about eTriFlex Series mowers from your local distributor. You can also see them in action by watching Toro’s eTriFlex video.