In challenging economic times, it’s natural to look for ways to cut expenses. Substituting will-fit parts shouldn’t be one of them. That’s one area where the initial savings can actually cost you more down the road. Genuine Toro parts are designed to help keep your equipment running like the day you bought it, so you can stretch your investment farther and stay more productive in the long run.


Top Line Thinking

Top golf courses have to meet high customer standards. So do Toro parts. In fact, the parts we sell for aftermarket service are the exact same parts we use on our production lines to build the original equipment. And all of those parts are manufactured with reliable, high-quality materials to ensure maximum performance with less downtime.


Bottom Line Thinking

Sub-performing parts can cause problems that result in damage to your equipment, which can end up costing much more to repair. Why take that chance just to save a few bucks up front? All Toro parts have been rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand the daily stress that keeping your course in top condition demands from them.


Real World Thinking

When your equipment isn’t working, you lose productivity. That’s downtime you can’t afford. When you choose genuine Toro parts, you know you’re getting the right part with the exact engineering specifications for your equipment — so your crew can be up and working fast. Plus, with industry-leading fill rates and delivery within 24 hours on most parts, your local distributor has the parts you need, when you need them.

Keep your Toro equipment performing the way you expect it to — insist on genuine Toro parts.