Looking for a simple and cost-effective way to update your Rain Bird irrigation system? Toro offers several options that help you stretch your budget while gaining significant advantages.

Toro® R Series Conversion Assemblies

The new Toro® R Series conversion assemblies allow you to upgrade your Rain Bird Eagle 900 Series or Eagle 1100 Series sprinklers by replacing only the sprinkler internals while keeping the existing body and piping system intact. These models are based on proven Toro 800S Series and DT Series designs that have been in use on golf courses with Toro irrigation systems for many years.

Choose from three models, available for shipping in March:

  • 855RB full and part circle – multiple trajectory (24 main nozzle angle options)
  • DT54RB full circle only – dual trajectory (two main nozzle angle options)
  • DT55RB full and part circle – dual trajectory (two main nozzle angle options)

Advantages and Exclusives

•  Exclusive adjustable trajectory main nozzle – TruJectory™ allows main nozzle angle adjustment for improved wind performance, avoidance of obstacles (like low-hanging branches) and radius adjustment for precise water placement.

•  Adjustable part and full circle operation in one. The DT55RB and 855RB provide a part and full circle drive assembly that allows part circle arc adjustment from 40 to 330 degrees and true uni-directional 360 degree full circle performance that allows you to simply adjust the area of coverage to match seasonal needs or meet water use requirements.

•  Exclusive ratcheting riser – lets you lift the riser assembly and ratchet it in the body to adjust the watering pattern to the desired starting point with no tools or disassembly required.

•  Nozzle-base clutching – allows you to grasp, turn and hold the sprinkler while it’s in operation to direct water away from approaching golfers or put more water down in a particular spot.

•  Standard back nozzle capability. The DT55RB and 855RB part circle models allow an additional nozzling to be placed in the back (in addition to the primary part-circle pattern) to water areas outside of the typical fairway or rough.

•  Plugged main nozzle configuration. All three Toro models make it simple and easy to take the main nozzle out and plug it for short radius applications.

•  The industry’s largest nozzle selection. Four nozzle sets are packaged with each of Toro’s conversion assemblies, giving you the flexibility to choose different flow rates and distances of throw.  All nozzles are threaded in from the front, unlike Rain Bird nozzles that are pressed in only after you disassemble the nozzle base.

•  Higher pop-up. With a Toro conversion assembly in a Rain Bird body, you gain a full inch and a half of extra pop-up height to improve performance in areas with taller grasses.

•  Constant velocity drive assembly. This assembly maintains a consistent rotation speed across a wide range of pressures and flows to ensure even water application from sprinkler to sprinkler.

•  Dura-Seal riser seal. This seal minimizes the flush that occurs when the sprinkler pops up, so less water is thrown around the sprinkler head. It also resists damage from rocks and sand.

Solenoid Adapters

Two Toro solenoid adapter assemblies are also available for Rain Bird Eagle 700, 900 and 1100 Series sprinklers:

•  The Toro Spike-Guard™ solenoid adapter: The Toro Spike-Guard solenoid draws half the power of traditional solenoids and has a lightning resistance rating of 20,000 volts – three times that of the Rain Bird solenoid.

•  The Toro DC latching solenoid adapter: Enables courses to upgrade to the Toro GDC 2-wire system using their existing Rain Bird sprinklers by simply replacing the solenoid.

Ask your Toro distributor for details about these products, or visit toro.com/irrigation/golf.


Toro® has designed and manufactured this product to fit within a sprinkler housing made by Rain Bird® Corporation, but Toro’s product is not manufactured by or affiliated with Rain Bird. Rain Bird and Eagle are trademarks of Rain Bird Corporation.