The challenge today isn’t simply to maintain a beautiful golf course. It’s to maintain it on a budget. That’s why Toro Irrigation products are engineered to give you not only great results, but also the lowest cost of ownership over time.

That’s simple Turfonomics, and it’s the idea behind new Toro INFINITY Series golf sprinkler.

The new INFINITY sprinkler features Toro’s patented SMART ACCESS™ design, which lets you access all critical components from the top of the sprinkler. Service, troubleshooting and repairs can be done without turning the water off or digging — adding up to immediate and long-term labor savings!


In addition, the INFINITY golf sprinkler is totally backward and forward compatible, with a compartment that provides room to grow. You can add new technology in the future using only a screwdriver to open up the compartment — instead of costly replacements. You can even use risers from existing Toro 800S Series and DT Series sprinklers. In fact, the INFINITY Series includes all the efficiency and performance features of the 800S Series, DT Series and more.

Top Line Thinking

The new INFINITY Series changes everything for the better: course quality, workload and most important, it keeps players playing. Calculate the money you’ll save by cutting sprinkler maintenance from hours to minutes. And just think about how much better your course will look when you replace shovels with screwdrivers. No holes or piles of dirt to draw unwanted attention from players or the Greens Committees.


“The INFINITY Series allows us to reduce the amount of man hours we spend digging. With the SMART ACCESS portion of the head, we can quickly service our golf sprinklers and focus on producing a better product for our golfers.” — Rob Tanaka, Oak Creek Golf Club

Bottom Line Thinking

The new INFINITY Series is built for expansion, not replacement — it’s a truly sustainable investment that pays off in cost savings today and has extra capacity for new technologies in the future. With SMART ACCESS you can access all sprinkler components from the top, and adding new capabilities is just as easy, making the future a welcome change.

“The INFINITY Series sprinkler is the type of head that’s so different it will create a new environment for irrigators in the future to be able to expand and go beyond simply turning their heads on and off.” — Jeff Beardsley, Superintendent, Big Canyon Country Club

Real World Thinking

The benefits to course maintenance and quality are countless, but it’s the professional benefits that really make the INFINITY Series the smart choice. INFINITY lets you truly manage your work crews, budgets and course improvements now and in the future. That not only helps you keep your course looking and playing its best, it makes you look pretty good, too.

“The INFINITY Series Sprinkler allows me to deliver the best playing conditions for our members, while managing my irrigation resources as effectively as possible within my budget.” — Mike Handrich, Golf Course Superintendent, Racine Country Club

The opportunities are limitless with the new Toro INFINITY Series golf sprinkler. From immediate convenience, compatibility and labor savings to extra capacity for future irrigation technologies, INFINITY keeps you ahead of the game for decades to come.