Part 3 in a 3-part series.

When it comes to serviceability, nothing can compare to the all-new Toro Greensmaster® TriFlex™ and TriFlex™ Hybrid riding greensmowers. Technicians and equipment managers alike will appreciate the easy access to components and quick, simple adjustments – saving time, money and frustration when it’s time for service.

Here are some of the key features that make routine maintenance easier, safer and faster:

Exclusive Lift-Gate Footrest
The footrest simply lifts out of the way for easy access to the center cutting unit. This feature facilitates routine maintenance and repairs, simplifies adjustments, and eliminates the need to put the traction unit on a lift for cutting unit service.

Tool-Free, Quick Change Cutting Units
Routine tasks like sharpening reels or setting the height of cut are easy to perform with the tool-free, quick change cutting units. This all-new design simplifies repairs and adjustments, making it easy to change out specialty application accessories or exchange damaged cutting units in the field.

No Grease Points
No grease points means less time spent on routine maintenance tasks and no more worry about grease “blotches” on your turf.

Visible Fluid Level Indication
Windows on the sides of both the fuel tank and hydraulic fluid reservoir let you know at a glance that you’re ready to go.

Easy Tire Access
Need to change or repair a tire? Jack points on all three wheels make it easy. The single-sided rear wheel fork also provides much easier access to remove and/or repair the rear tire than traditional two-sided wheel fork designs.

Advanced Computer Diagnostics
Every TriFlex™ model includes advanced diagnostics to check system status or pinpoint concerns. Single-point access to a computer makes it easy to troubleshoot the system and return to work fast.

Cutting Unit Stabilizers
Stabilizer springs maintain better control by holding each cutting unit in a safe position during transport. They also act as a bumper cushion if operators bump into an object. Plus, they straighten the cutting units each time they are lowered to the turf to cut or perform their intended work.

Turf Guardian™ Leak Detection System
This system provides an immediate audio and visual alert of possible hydraulic fluid leaks.

Discover the New Standard in Greensmowing
Four new Greensmaster® TriFlex models are available to meet your needs: the TriFlex hydraulic model with a gas or diesel engine option and the TriFlex Hybrid, also available with a gas or diesel engine option. For details and a schedule of demo events in your area, visit