Turfonomics is the combination of performance and efficiency to create an overall outstanding value. Get it all with the Toro® ProCore® 648 walk-behind greens aerator. You’ll get more greens completed in less time, all while getting the superior results your course requires.

Top Line Thinking

Precise, crisply cut aeration holes are essential for maintaining outstanding greens. The RotaLink™ system on the ProCore 648 keeps tines vertical throughout the aeration process for clean, superior hole quality, and the TrueCore™ ground following system automatically maintains tine depth on the fly to match any undulations on the ground for consistent coring depth.

In addition, the 3-wheel/parallel-traction drive works with the high-torque, low-speed wheel motors to deliver reliable traction and even hole spacing. Plus, the innovative design locates the wheels ahead of the aeration head so the tires won’t roll over cores or freshly aerated turf. The ProCore 648 delivers a powerful combination of features that result in the healthy, playable greens golfers appreciate.


Bottom Line Thinking

The ProCore 648 isn’t just a great performer — it’s a productive one. The large, 48″ aeration swath lets you cover more ground in less time. The efficient aeration speed lets you move quickly from aeration to cleanup, letting you swiftly get your course back in playing condition.

The remarkably smooth operation is provided by the tine arms modeled after a 6-cyliner engine. The arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action. This precision configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration. That’s something operator’s will appreciate during and after the aeration process.

Real World Thinking

No two courses are exactly alike and there are specific grooming preferences for each. The ProCore 648 delivers flexibility with more than 160 tine options, allowing you to get the exact results you desire. Add in the speedy productivity, the operator comfort features, and the well-known Toro reliability, and it’s easy to see that the ProCore 648 will be a valued performer for years to come.

Available ProCore 648 accessories include a rear roller to smooth turf, a windrower for easy core removal, tine holders, tire scrapers, and a weight kit to ensure maximum penetration in hard soil.

For more information, contact your local Toro distributor or visit www.toro.com/procore648.