If you’re running on a tighter budget these days, you are not alone. But you still have to maintain a playable course, which depends on your mowers, aerators and other machines to stay up and running. Here are two ways to help get the most from your equipment investment over the long term.

1. Register for the Toro Loyalty Counts (TLC) Parts Reward Program.
This is an easy way to get extra benefits by performing regular maintenance on your equipment with parts/products from Toro. Here’s how it works: After registering for the TLC program, you earn points based on your purchases of commonly used parts (e.g., belts, filters, tires, etc.). The points you earn can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including:

• Credit toward future parts and/or irrigation purchases

• Discounts on factory service schools or other educational offerings through Toro University

• Subscription dues that can be applied to myTurf™ fleet management software services

• Hand-held consumer products like blower/vacs and pruners

• Toro apparel and other merchandise

2. Choose extended-life parts.

While it is true that premium parts typically require a greater up-front investment, it is also true that the longer life of an extended-life part can frequently offset the higher initial cost. Not only will you buy replacement parts less often, but you’ll also save on labor, since premium parts typically require fewer change-outs and less frequent adjustment during use. The result is a positive return on investment that can really add up over time.

What’s a premium part? One example is Toro® TITAN® tines for your aerator. They last approximately three to four times longer than standard tires — so you can aerate without frequent tine changes.

Start earning points today!
Ask your local Toro distributor about the TLC Parts Reward Program and visit www.toro.com for an enrollment form. If you’re already registered, log into the TLC website and see the FAQ page for more program details.