Quality of cut impacts quality of play. It’s that simple. But ensuring your employees deliver the same results time after time isn’t always so easy. That’s where Toro’s Smart Power™ technology can help. It automatically adjusts the mower’s engine speed for the cutting conditions to maintain optimal power to the blades — taking the guesswork out of a consistent cut. This feature is available on Toro® Groundsmaster® 4000, 4100, 4500 and 4700 rotary mowers.


Top Line Thinking

The customer experience you provide is key to keep players coming back. You can’t afford to compromise on appearance or playability, and Smart Power helps ensure you won’t have to. Whether climbing hills or mowing through thick grass, Smart Power traction prevents the machine from bogging down. This system electronically slows the ground speed when necessary to shift more power to the blades, maintaining the best blade speed at all times for a superior quality of cut.


Bottom Line Thinking

When it comes to training new employees and keeping them working productively, mowers with Smart Power technology give you an advantage. They automatically adjust to deliver the best cutting performance in heavy cutting conditions, so there’s one less thing for the operator to worry about. That means you can save on the time and cost of training employees to make these adjustments themselves. It also lets you redeploy your most valuable resources — experienced operators — to other areas.


Real World Thinking

In a perfect world, every operator would know exactly what to do to ensure the best cut in any conditions. In the real world, some operators may push a mower until it’s clogged with clippings and stops. Smart Power prevents this from happening. Even on hills, it simply slows the mower down and keeps going — so your staff can keep working productively. It also eliminates the risk of poor after-cut appearance by keeping the blade tips cutting at the optimum speed.

Smart Power is the kind of feature that pays off with better cutting quality and productivity, which adds up to long-term savings. It’s simple Turfonomics. To learn more, watch this video or call your local Toro distributor to schedule a demo.