Cost-saving features on the Toro® ProPass™ 200 Wireless don’t just save money. They also save time. From the available wireless remote to the tool-free switchout from the twin spinner accessory to the 180° swivel cross-conveyor, you’ll find a wide range of features that help you get the job done — perfectly — in less time.


Remote Operation

The ProPass 200 Wireless builds on the wired base model with a wireless controller that lets you make real-time adjustments. Not only can you make quick adjustments on the job, but you can also store the settings on the remote for future use. For added convenience, the remote is fully operational up to 100 yards.


Built With Toro Accuracy

You’ll cut time on the job because Toro never cuts corners when it comes to innovation and quality. The twin spinner on the ProPass 200 Wireless features an exclusive color-coded adjustment system that eliminates guesswork from your spread pattern. You simply choose your spread pattern, then select the matching color. You’ll be good to go with truly accurate settings from ultra-light dustings to ultra-heavy aeration hole fillings in one pass.

Accuracy is also evident in Toro’s patented sliding “drop zone” adjustment for positioning of the twin spinners. It lets you adjust where material lands on the spinner disks for an even pattern across the entire spread width. You’ll be assured of applying materials evenly to the turf using spreads from 9 feet to 35 feet.


The Versatility You Need

In addition to the spread pattern and width adjustments, you gain even more flexibility with the handy 180° swivel cross-conveyor, perfect for placing bulk materials. You can top off bunkers, fill ditch lines and more. No tools are needed to switch from the twin spinners to the swivel cross-conveyor, making it a breeze to go from topdressing to placing landscape materials.


Backed By Toro Dependability

The ProPass 200 Wireless is available in both vehicle-mounted and towable models. Each features the dependable performance, easy operation, low maintenance and long service life synonymous with the Toro name.

For complete details on the ProPass 200 Wireless, see your local Toro distributor or visit the ProPass 200 Wireless website.