Some investments quickly pay for themselves in time and labor savings. Toro’s new INFINITY™ Series sprinklers are a great example. Their patented SMART ACCESS™ design gives you instant access to all critical components from the top without digging. And the pilot valve can be serviced from the top without turning off the water.

But that’s not the only way the INFINITY Series can save you money. Many golf courses with a Toro® irrigation system can simply buy INFINITY Series bodies and reuse their existing Toro 800S or DT Series conversion assemblies — gaining the benefits of this revolutionary design without the cost of a complete sprinkler replacement.


It’s a trend that’s paying off for golf courses across the country. In fact, the results are so dramatic, superintendents who have installed INFINITY sprinkler bodies wonder why they would ever go back to conventional sprinkler replacements.


Top Line Thinking

Your greens are some of the most visible and important areas of your golf course. Digging up sprinklers can leave unsightly scars on the turf, and can even disrupt play. Once the INFINITY bodies are installed, you can access all sprinkler components without disturbing your turf or your golfers. Plus, when you’re ready for technology upgrades, INFINITY also has extra capacity to add new capabilities that help you keep your course in top playing condition.


Bottom Line Thinking

One of the biggest advantages of the INFINITY Series is the time it saves your crew. Tasks that used to take 30 or 40 minutes (like replacing a solenoid) are reduced to only a few with virtually no downtime and no need to dig or repair the turf. Instead of a shovel, all you need is a screwdriver to access sprinkler components for maintenance. That efficiency adds up, giving your crew more time for other tasks on the golf course.

“When we do have an issue or do have a problem, we’re not going to have to dig another hole and expend more resources. Instead with just three simple screws we can access what we need to fix the problem without having to isolate the golf hole to do it.” — Mike Handrich, Racine (WI) Country Club


Real World Thinking

With the INFINITY Series, sprinkler replacement doesn’t have to be a substantial investment. INFINITY Series bodies work with risers from existing Toro 800S Series and DT Series sprinklers, so you can keep your costs down while gaining the SMART ACCESS advantage. It’s a great way to try the INFINITY Series on your course. Once you do, you’ll never want to go back.

“The ease of use for this sprinkler has demolished the competition. There’s just no way to make it any easier.” — Jim Evans, The Cliffs Clubs

For more information, go to or see your local Toro Irrigation representative. Visit to find where the INFINITY Series is available near you.