The challenge today isn’t simply to maintain a beautiful golf course. It’s to maintain it on a budget. To succeed, you need to work smarter, more efficiently and more economically than ever before.

The lightweight Toro Reelmaster 3550-D provides an exceptional after-cut appearance that will make a huge impression on your customers, without leaving impressions in your turf. The Reelmaster 3550-D truly represents the essence of Turfonomics, delivering the ideal combination of turf-friendly mowing performance and budget-friendly productivity.

Top Line Thinking

One way for golf courses to maximize their revenue and/or member satisfaction is to deliver course conditions that are superior to those of their competitors. Products with a gentle footprint are vital in achieving tour-quality fairways and green surrounds, particularly on delicate turf and during stressful times of the year. At less than 2,000 pounds, the Reelmaster 3550-D weighs 15-20% less than comparably equipped competitive mowers. In addition, its smooth, turf-friendly tires, coupled with its series/parallel 3-wheel drive system, provide all the traction you need, without damaging the turf during hill climbing and turns.

The Reelmaster 3550-D is equipped with five 18-inch wide DPA cutting units that float effortlessly over the turf to provide an exceptional quality-of-cut. The narrower cutting units allow for enhanced ground-following capabilities, delivering an outstanding after-cut appearance, even on undulating fairways. Optional 22-inch rear cutting units are available for additional overlap, which can be desirable for higher cutting heights, on slopes, or for making tighter turns while mowing.

Not only does the Reelmaster 3550-D provide a tender touch on the turf, but it can also help to minimize soil compaction beneath the surface. Compaction reduces pore space within the soil, which limits air and water content, gas exchange, drainage, and rooting. Less compaction means healthier turf and a better golfing experience for your patrons.


Bottom Line Thinking

Some golf courses have found that they can achieve their desired turf conditions by utilizing even smaller and lighter products, like triplex greens mowers. Unfortunately, using these smaller mowers generally results in a considerable sacrifice in productivity, placing a strain on a course’s operating budget. Although light in weight, the Reelmaster 3550-D is heavy in cost-saving productivity, so it delivers an outstanding return on your investment.

To begin with, the Reelmaster 3550-D boasts a cutting width of 82 inches, nearly 40% greater than that of a typical triplex greens mower. In addition, the Reelmaster 3550-D is capable of mowing 40% faster than a triplex greens mower. The combined effect is that the Reelmaster 3550-D is roughly twice as productive.

While the productivity advantage alone is compelling, the Reelmaster 3550-D also provides additional budget relief through its category-leading fuel efficiency. Because it is up to 20% more fuel-efficient than competitive models, the Reelmaster 3550-D will save you money every time you send it out. The greater fuel efficiency also allows the Reelmaster 3550-D to carry less fuel than competitive models, which further magnifies its weight advantage. Less fuel means even less weight, and less weight again means less turf stress.


Real World Thinking

The Reelmaster 3550-D was developed and tested with an emphasis on the challenges you face every day. In the words of Steven Geller, superintendent at Cahoon Plantation in Chesapeake, Virginia, “The new Reelmaster 3550-D fairway units are simply phenomenal. Quality-of-cut, grooming ability, speed and very operator-friendly controls are just a few of the features that raise this new unit ‘off the charts.’ Growing bentgrass fairways in Southeastern Virginia is a tall order, no doubt. The Reelmaster 3550-D assists superintendents in trying to produce the impossible: Tour-quality fairways on a low budget in today’s market. This product is truly a home run!”

You can count on the Reelmaster 3550-D to deliver the best overall course conditions, at a lower cost of ownership over time. You’ll also have the versatility to add a variety of accessories to help you meet specific needs. From fairway groomers and rear roller brushes, to sunshades and grass baskets, you’ll have exactly what you need to get the job done the way you want it.

As with all Toro equipment, the Reelmaster 3550-D is backed by Toro’s industry-leading support network. No one delivers more value than Toro. It’s simple Turfonomics.

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