Well-groomed cart paths and waste areas improve a golf course’s appearance. But these areas are prone to washboarding and compaction, especially when you don’t have enough labor to maintain them.

With a few simple attachments, a Toro Sand Pro® bunker rake can have your cart paths and waste areas looking great — in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. These tools work with the Quick Attach System™ (QAS), which lets you change most attachments in under a minute with no tools required.


Edging Made Easy

The Edger attachment (#08766) gives you a crisp, finished look along the edges of gravel or dirt cart paths, planting beds and coquina waste areas. After you cut the edge, you can also use the new Lip Broom (#LB400) to clear away the trimmings.


Waste Area Maintenance

Waste areas have some of the same grooming concerns as ball infields. They’re flat, they become compacted by heavy rains and cart traffic, and they need down-pressure for deeper scarification.

The Synthetic Turf Conditioner attachment (#08790) works well for courses with large waste areas of coquina, because it provides more scarification than a tooth rake. Stainless spring steel brushes on this attachment loosen compacted material. You can also vary the down pressure on the rear QAS to adjust the amount of scarification. This attachment has been used in beach grooming applications as well.


The Nail Drag attachment (#08761) is also a good solution for waste area grooming. The unit pivots to follow the contours of uneven surfaces and provides a scarification depth beyond 1.5 inches. It’s a simple tool, and nails are easy to replace — it accepts up to 40d masonry nails.


Download the Accessory Guide

More than 21 attachments are available for the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040 to help you keep your course in top playing condition. For more information on all of the QAS attachments available, download the Sand Pro Accessory Guide, see your local Toro distributor, or visit www.toro.com/SandPro.