You know what you want from your irrigation system, but gathering all the information you need to make the right decisions can be a time-consuming challenge. The Toro® Lynx™ Control System is a powerful solution, and it’s about to get even better.

Lynx brings all essential course irrigation information into one user-friendly interface so you can make quick, intuitive decisions. This system allows you to schedule irrigation, monitor system components, troubleshoot problems and much more. And the upcoming Lynx 2.0 release includes new remote access features that make it even easier to manage your irrigation system from just about anywhere.

For more information, visit the Toro Lynx website or contact your local Toro Golf distributor.

With Lynx 2.0, golf courses will soon have three powerful options for remote connectivity:

NEW! Lynx Mobile: Remote Capabilities (Coming in Lynx 2.0)
Customers have asked for a smartphone-friendly application, and Lynx Mobile will deliver with an interface designed to work on any web-enabled mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It’s made to fit smaller, pocket-sized screens, but it will also work on larger web-enabled devices, such as tablets or laptops.

Lynx Mobile will include the most common operational and diagnostic activities, so you can check system status, troubleshoot issues, and control irrigation manually — all from your smartphone — while you’re out on the course or just about anywhere.

NSN Connect Plus: Remote Monitoring (Enhanced Version 2.0 coming in Lynx 2.0)
A current Lynx feature, NSN Connect Plus allows users to configure their system to send alerts via e-mail, text message or a pop-up message on their computer when there is an issue. (For example, if the pump station stops working or if overnight rain will affect irrigation.) That means you don’t have to check the system to know if there’s a problem.

The new 2.0 release will include additional monitors, as well as enhanced scheduling to choose when and to whom the alert messages are sent. For example, you can set the system to send the alerts to different staff members on different days of the week.

NSN Connect: Remote Access
In addition to the new enhancements, Lynx will continue to offer NSN Connect (which is available on the current system). This feature allows users to access their Lynx computer from any web-enabled device to view the full screen and operate the system remotely. It works best on a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet with a larger screen that accommodates the full Lynx dashboard.

This is just a quick preview of some of the new enhancements in the upcoming Lynx 2.0 release. Lynx 2.0 will also provide support for additional languages, including Spanish. Watch for additional details this fall. Current Lynx users will receive a notification on their Lynx system (or the Lynx website) when the update is available.

Toro has been shipping the new Lynx Control System for over a year, and hundreds of golf courses are realizing the water- and resource-saving benefits of this smart, powerful and easy-to-use software. As soon as Lynx 2.0 is released, it will be provided — at no additional cost — to all active Lynx customers. So, there’s no reason to delay your move to Lynx. Upgrade today!