Jim Schmid, superintendent at Lakes Country Club in Palm Desert, Calif., says he and his crews use their Toro® Rake-O-Vac® self-powered sweepers nearly every day to clean debris, like small branches, leaves and grass clippings, off the course. In fact, Schmid admits that they probably take their Rake-O-Vac sweepers for granted, expecting these units work as hard as they do.

Schmid mentions that other sweepers they’ve owned were loaded with a lot of electronics, like relays and circuit switches, which often didn’t work properly. He appreciates the simplicity of the Rake-O-Vac sweepers’ design because they don’t require any special training to use and maintenance is reduced. “We’ve been using this type of equipment for more than 10 years, and they are an essential part of our daily operations,” says Schmid. “We’ve owned several Toro Rake-O-Vac sweepers — they are the best fit for our needs because they are simple to use and require very little maintenance.”

Most often pulled behind the course’s Workman HD utility vehicle or a mid-sized tractor, Schmid says their Rake-O-Vac sweepers are compact and maneuverable, enabling his crews to clear debris from even the most space-restricted areas of the course. Powered by 23-hp Kohler® Command Pro Engines, the Rake-O-Vac sweepers have enough power to sweep the entire course clean. To save space in the hopper, the Rake-O-Vac sweepers are engineered with a rugged impeller fan that pulverizes leaves and debris. The large-capacity hopper design (5.75 yd3) on these units gives Schmid and his crews the ability to work for long periods of time before needing to dump.

And thanks to the Rake-O-Vac sweepers’ flex tip reel feature (spring-loaded nylon fingers brush the ground clear of debris) and high-flotation tires, Schmid and his crews are able to use their units year-round, in wet or dry conditions.

“We use our Rake-O-Vac sweepers heavily during our aerification and overseeding activities in the fall,” says Schmid. “They also come in handy in helping us to clear litter and other debris off the course following strong wind events. Our Rake-O-Vac sweepers just work!”

For more information on the Toro Rake-O-Vac, see your local Toro distributor or visit www.toro.com.