Customers demand top-notch playability. You need smart ways to manage costs. Toro’s Greensmaster TriFlex Series can help you do both — and that’s what Turfonomics is all about.

As the first riding greensmowers to deliver the productivity of a rider with the precision of a walker, TriFlex mowers set a new standard for cutting performance, versatility and maintenance. Hybrid models also stretch your fuel economy to get even more from your investment.

Top Line Thinking

Maintaining a true, predictable ball roll and fast green speed is the ultimate challenge to staying competitive in today’s golf game. TriFlex greensmowers have innovations that improve turf health by reducing common issues on your greens, such as scuffing, gouging or mismatch. In fact, every model in the line is packed with cutting innovations for an exceptional quality of cut and superior aftercut appearance.


For example, Toro’s patented Flex™ technology and Double A-Arm suspension design allow cutting units to easily master contours and undulations on any type of terrain. The Lift-in-Turn™ feature maintains a consistently level cut on the cleanup pass to minimize triplex ring. Plus, large, turf-friendly tires distribute weight evenly to reduce marking and improve playability. There’s even an enhanced clippings capture system for a cleaner, healthier cut every time.

Bottom Line Thinking

TriFlex hybrid models are engineered to use less fuel, so you can start saving money on day one. They also include an Energy Savings Mode for consistent reel speed at lower engine RPM to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise without compromising productivity or cut quality.

Beyond fuel savings, TriFlex greensmowers are designed to save time and money in the shop. Features such as Quick-Change™ cutting units, a lift-gate footrest for easy access to the center cutting unit, no daily grease points — as well as the InfoCenter™ onboard display and automotive-style advanced diagnostics on hybrid models — all help reduce labor costs.

Real World Thinking

Of course, there’s more to Turfonomics than cost savings. You need versatile equipment that helps you work efficiently every day — and TriFlex Series mowers let you do more with one machine. Toro’s exclusive tool-free Quick-Change cutting unit system allows you to switch between reels and accessories in just a few minutes, so you can mow greens then switch to tees, surrounds, thatch, roll greens or spike. Units also have a 10mph transport speed to save time.


All of these innovations help extend crews’ productivity, which adds up to a lower total cost of ownership. And the Hybrid models take that savings even further. Features that save time and energy, and enhance productivity and turf health combine to make the TriFlex Hybrid the first product to earn the EnergySmart™ label from Toro.

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