Costs keep increasing, yet budgets don’t. It’s the same story for golf courses all over. If you’re struggling to do more with less, every dollar counts, and the new Toro Loyalty Credits (TLC™) parts rewards program can help.

Easy to Use
New for 2016, the TLC program is easy to use — no website login, no membership card and no hassles. Simply enroll in the program and start earning points for every qualifying parts purchase you make.

Annual Credit
Over the year, your points will add up toward an annual credit you will automatically receive each October. You can use this annual credit at your Toro distributor toward purchasing things you need, including additional parts, training, or myTurf® subscriptions and hardware. With the new TLC program, you have options to reinvest your rewards credit directly back into your business.


NEW – More Parts Included
The program is free to commercial customers, and the program now includes more qualifying parts than ever before. You can earn TLC points on bedknives, bearings, belts, filters, tines, tires, MVP Kits, blades and reels.


Toro® genuine parts help keep your equipment running in top condition, offering the performance you expect from original parts. And now they can help you earn credits toward future purchases too. Visit for more information about enrolling in the program.