Maintaining picture-perfect greens is about to get a whole lot easier — and greener — thanks to Toro’s long-anticipated launch of all-new Greensmaster walk and riding greensmowers. Say goodbye to imperfections, gouges and tire tracks and say hello to professional-appearing greens maintained with ease and efficiency.

“This new generation of Toro Greensmaster mowers has been redesigned from the ground up, beginning with a clear focus on improved cutting performance and playability,” notes Helmut Ullrich, Toro’s iconic Sr. Marketing Manager for Greensmowers. “We know our customers want perfect greens, but we also know they’re in business and need a product that delivers outstanding value. These new mowers give them the best of both.”

The All-New Greensmaster® TriFlex™ Rider — Hybrid or Hydraulic

Coming in the first quarter of 2011

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to enjoy the productivity of a rider while getting the precision cut of a walk greensmower. The new Greensmaster ® TriFlex™ riding mower lineup features:

•    Greatly reduced scuffing, scalping and gouging. The unique cutting unit suspension system floats to the contour of the green and keeps all cutting units parallel to the ground.

•    Quick-connect cutting units that can be changed in minutes. A single traction unit can be cutting greens one minute and tees/approach areas with a different height-of-cut the next.

•   Easier maintenance. The new design makes maintenance a breeze, and the instant cutter access and tool-free cutter removal — both Toro exclusives — add even more value.

•    “EnergySmart™” hybrid-electric gas and diesel models, which feature stored energy and an all-electric powered, hydraulic free, reel circuit that delivers unparalleled power in a hybrid mower.

Watch the next few issues of Toro Advantage for more details on the extensive list of features, benefits and cost savings these models offer.



The All-New Greensmaster® Flex ™ & eFlex™ Walk Greensmowers

Scheduled for release in the third and fourth quarters of 2011

Toro’s Greensmaster walk mowers will also bring many exciting new innovations in cutting performance and productivity, including:

•   The industry’s first-ever lithium-ion-powered, all-electric mowers. One charge is sufficient to mow up to nine greens and the mower is practically maintenance free. (Available in 18”and 21” models.)

•    An automated easy-turn feature that provides better control and improved productivity.

•    An all-new belt-drive transmission powered either by an engine or lithium ion battery technology.

•    “EnergySmart™” design. No gas or oil is required for the revolutionary eFlex™ electric greensmower. Just plug it in overnight and mow without disturbing the environment or anyone at the golf course in the early hours.

The New EnergySmart™ Label

EnergySmart™ is about efficiency with an eye on environmental sustainability. It’s about economic viability and social responsibility. It is customer valued innovation with a “green” twist.

Toro is on a quest to reduce or eliminate key inputs, like fuel and labor, to improve our customers’ financial performance and simultaneously improve the environment.  The EnergySmart™ label is a way to make our intentions and commitment to sustainability visible to end users.  We also hope that the EnergySmart label will drive a meaningful discussion around economic and environmentally responsible equipment solutions while placing our innovations in a more relevant customer context. In the past, most innovation was positioned to provide better playing conditions. In today’s world, we want our customers to understand the financial, efficiency, performance and environmental value of our innovation.

The Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid riding mowers and Greensmaster eFlex walk mowers are the first “EnergySmart™ labeled products offered by The Toro Company.  There are numerous innovations that come together in each product to justify this mark.  Examples include custom designed – application specific – components, features that eliminate or reduce service requirements, improve productivity and more.

Coming Soon

The new Toro greensmower lineup will be highlighted at The Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Florida. Check them out firsthand and see how 2011 will be the year that Toro Greensmaster® mowers set new and higher standards for cutting performance and value!