Ever wish your central control system worked the way you do, not the other way around? We heard you. In fact, we listened to a lot of golf course customers throughout the development of the new Toro® Lynx™ Control System. The result is a simple, intuitive system that puts all the information you need in one place — so you can make quick, informed irrigation decisions.

A Whole New Way to Manage Irrigation

The Lynx System made news at the 2010 Golf Industry Show (GIS) and it’s now available for order and shipping. Here’s a quick look at some of the key features that can save you time, labor and irrigation costs without compromising the playability or aesthetics of your course.
• All the information you need, in one place. Lynx combines all essential data and intuitively presents the information you need at a glance — including alerts, scheduled watering and more. It’s easy to access all the information you need with one click through your customizable Favorites Menu.
• Superior course map editing and creation. Easily edit your course map, or create your own fully interactive map using a digital image of your course. You can add, drag, drop and assign sprinklers, satellites, TurfGuard® wireless soil sensors and switches to their exact locations.
• Unsurpassed integration with other system components. Lynx can be seamlessly integrated with field hardware, weather stations, electrical systems and smartphones — as well as the Toro® TurfGuard® Wireless Soil Monitoring System and ITT Flowtronex® pump systems.
• Instant access to real-time information. TurfGuard soil moisture, salinity and temperature information is available directly in Lynx. In addition, the exclusive Power Guard feature shows actual pump station power consumption and profiles your usage to work within electric company guidelines.
• Comprehensive reporting simplifies your decisions. See sprinklers that irrigated as scheduled, and ones that did not, all from one location. Armed with the thorough reports provided by Lynx, you’ll be able to immediately address any irrigation concerns and avoid potential course damage.
• Easily set up and customize your irrigation system. Intuitive Quick Setup lets you quickly personalize Lynx to be set up the exact way you think about your course. All programs can be accessed from the field using either a handheld radio or smartphone for manual operation.
• Enhanced system troubleshooting. Current-sensing capabilities report problems such as wire cuts or sprinklers turned off unintentionally. GDC decoder communication and solenoid diagnostics identify shorts, low voltage and other issues. Plus, Lynx is backed by 24/7 software and network assistance from Toro’s exclusive National Support Network (NSN®).

For More Information
Watch the demo at www.toro.com/lynx to learn more about the new Toro Lynx Control System. Upgrade packages are available, so contact your distributor for details.