Flawless greens are the pride of any course, and Toro® Dual Point Adjustment (DPA) cutting units make achieving them easier. With only two adjustments to make and no zerks or greasing to worry about, the unique design saves you time and money. That’s simple Turfonomics, and it’s another Toro innovation that can make a difference on your bottom line.

Top Line Thinking

Your players demand the best putting surface which, in turn, involves cutting each green with a high level of accuracy. DPA cutting units are precision manufactured using die-cast parts that are required to meet exacting specifications. The result is consistency and reliability without extra adjustments. You can tune your cutting units accurately and easily for the precise cut you want.

And the accuracy doesn’t stop there. With our patented design, the cutting edge position remains constant throughout the life of each and every cutting unit — so older cutting units cut exactly the same as new ones, eliminating variability that might otherwise exist. As the cutting reel wears and changes diameter, the pivot point allows the bedknife to move forward to compensate for the change. That’s especially important on a triplex mower, where all units must deliver a consistent, identical cut. Just a few thousandths of an inch difference can be visible to a trained eye.

Bottom Line Thinking

The precise manufacturing of each cutting unit gives you a productivity advantage in several ways.
Only two adjustments are needed — height of cut and bedknife to reel — and both are easy to access from the front of the cutting unit. A simple “click” system is incorporated into the design to make very fine bedknife-to-reel adjustments (.0007 inch/.018mm with each click) simple and consistently effective. You can make frequent adjustments and/or corrections to keep your reel and bedknife sharp longer, resulting in an outstanding quality of cut.


In addition, Toro DPA cutting units are also known for holding their height-of-cut, thanks to a special bracket design that holds the roller in place with extra clamping force. Some customers say they can go for weeks without needing to change or readjust the height of cut. As one equipment manager/technician from the Country Club of Decatur in Decatur, IL, commented, “These Greensmaster® DPA cutting units are the best I have ever worked on and maintained! They are easy to adjust and keep their adjustment, the cut is excellent and they stay sharp for a long time …”

Real World Thinking

Beyond productivity gains, Toro’s DPA cutting units are simple to maintain and deliver an excellent value and low cost of ownership.

Each Toro cutting unit features stainless steel bearings, which are virtually maintenance-free throughout the life of the reel. This industry-exclusive design not only eliminates the need for daily greasing — it also prevents technicians from over-greasing the unit, which can leave unsightly spots on your greens.

Available on all Toro riding greensmowers and Greensmaster Flex™ series walk greensmowers, our DPA cutting units cut as low as 1/16 inch (1/6 mm) and are available with 8-, 11- and 14-blade reels. Each cutting unit can also be highly customized with accessories such as groomers, roller brushes and a range of bedknives for the precise conditions you want to achieve.

For more information, see your Toro distributor or visit www.toro.com.