When you buy equipment, it’s more than an investment. It’s an opportunity to improve your bottom line. The Sand Pro® 2040Z is one of those solutions that can significantly reduce labor costs and increase productivity. Take a closer look at what makes the Sand Pro 2040Z different and why it’s the right choice for your course’s Turfonomics.


Top Line Thinking

Perfectly groomed bunkers require a lot of time and effort. Only the Sand Pro 2040Z has a “lift in turn” feature that lifts the inside rake during a tight turn, leaving no groomed teardrops or tire marks behind. It keeps grooming through the turn without pushing sand where you don’t want it to be. The result is a picture-perfect bunker with less work.


In the words of Mitch Fossey, superintendent at Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson, Wisconsin, “It’s easy to operate, does the job quickly, and I love the finished look.”

Bottom Line Thinking

The Sand Pro 2040Z delivers several other productivity advantages, too. The compact length is easy to handle in tight turns and the higher clearance makes it easier to clear the edge of the bunker lip, so operators can get in and out of tight spaces. In addition, the three-section flex tooth rake has rubber teeth, so it’s gentle on turf and won’t snag or tear bunker liners. Operators can groom all the way to the edge of the lip without having to stop and hand-rake near the grass — another timesaving feature.


“The sectional rake makes it easy to groom contours,” Fossey notes. “We’ve seen a significant decrease in overall raking time and eliminated some hand raking.”

Real World Thinking

Although productivity is important, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to get it. The Sand Pro 2040Z is designed to deliver both with options to fit the way you need to work. For example, the speed reduction kit allows operators to groom bunkers at a slower speed, then travel at a transport speed of up to 12 mph (19.3 km/h) to get from bunker to bunker quickly. Fossey sums it up well: “The Sand Pro 2040Z does an amazing job. We get around the course much faster.”

To learn more about the Sand Pro 2040 Z, watch this video to see it in action or visit toro.com. Contact your local Toro distributor for a demonstration and see what it can do for your course’s Turfonomics.